Reflections on the Surface

June 9, 2008

Water, Water, Everywhere?

San Diego, California

California is experiencing a statewide drought, with Sierra snowpack drastically reduced.
It is time for the South West US to get to grips with this elephant in the room before it is too late. Profligate use of water must cease; taking it all for granted must cease.
It is soon to be time for stark choices: between conservation and unchecked expansion; between deep-rooted changes in attitudes and ‘couldn’t give a damn’ laissez faire.
Governor Schwarzenegger is right to call for a 20% cut in water demand, but will his request be heard?
Lets face it: the problem of water shortages is only just beginning for the Western US: the Ogallala aquifer in the Mid-West USA is being depleted beyond all measure by a combination of poor planning and reductions in rainful (current weather excepted).

Climate change is happening to the US whether we like it or not, and it is time to get real and to admit that the elephant is about to suck the boreholes dry.


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  1. Look at southern Spain its literally turning into a desert from the impact of climate change. The media really needs to start discussing climate change because people need to be aware of the changes and impact it is going to have.

    Comment by aver — June 9, 2008 @ 6:42 pm | Reply

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