Reflections on the Surface

October 23, 2007

Pandora’s Box

London, England

 With news that the Atlantic ocean’s capacity to absorb Carbon dioxide is rapidly declining, comes a warning from Australian Scientists that the world’s coral reef”s are poised on the brink of ecological catastrophe.
And yet we still have to suffer the indignity of listening to climate change deniers posturing and parading about the world’s stage as if there is nothing to be concerned about.
This beautiful planet is being systemically and carelessly ruined by short term thinking.
The Native American Indian Concept of Seven Generations ahead is the very least we should be attempting..
So, lets say about 150 years from now:
There will be no more coral reefs; much of Greenland’s ice sheets will be gone; the Arctic ocean will be permanently ice-free; 20% Amazon rain forest will be left (if we are lucky); Sydney will be a ghost city because of permanent drought;  Florida will be inundated with rising seas… the list gets worse, with billions of people being relocated by coastal floods; wildfires will have destroyed much of the American South West…
And yet the preposterous and, quite frankly stupid gang of climate change deniers are happy to sit on their soap boxes and pronounce the world safe.

This is not so much of a Titanic headed for disaster, it is a global bloody tragedy of stupefying scale.
Pandora’s  box is about to opened and the world will never be the same.
Or is there hope? can we act now? could we change our complacent, dumb attitudes and begin to care for our treasure?

Its the only one we’ve got.



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