Reflections on the Surface

October 22, 2007

Back to the Eem

London, England

 The Earth is now nearly as warm as it was during the Eem Interglacial Period of 120,000 years ago, and it is sobering to read of the latest satellite data about Arctic Ice losses.
This graph illustrates vividly what is likely to happen. The black line, showing ice loss as measured by satellites, predicts probable total loss of Arctic Sea Ice in Summer by 2013.

Satellite Measurements of Arctic Sea Ice lossesSatellite Measurements of Arctic Sea Ice losses


There is a great deal of evidence supporting this trend, with the Arctic regions warming far more quickly than the tropics.Let us not forget that it is also the rate of carbon dioxide accumulation in the atmosphere that is doubly alarming.
In the past, the Earth warmed and cooled over millenia, just as carbon dioxide concentrations changed slowly.
But now, faced with an unprecedented rate of change, the ecosystems upon which we depend are faced with unpredictable consequences.

Of course the slash and burn mentality of the deniers and sceptics out there will rubbish this sort of information;
but their opinions will soon be seen to be as outdated as the appeasers of Hitler were in 1936.



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