Reflections on the Surface

October 15, 2007

86400 football fields a day

London, England

Let us not forget, that every second of every day, a football-sized area of Amazon rain forest is destroyed: 86400 football fields a day, 3 million a year.

Its like watching the lungs being ripped out of an animal, alveolus by alveolus; cell by cell. Soon the animal will be dead.

Meanwhile, the UK’s Viscount Monckton (the man with funds behind the Great Global Warming Swindle) is patting himself on the back for that so-called victory last week against Al Gore’s film. It makes him and the UK’s New Party  seem stupid beyond belief.

Within a decade, such laissez-faire attitudes will be seen to be contemptible, as will the pack of climate change denialists who swarm about Washington DC like vermin.

Our planet does not deserve such stupidity, and if it were entrusted to these sorts of people we can kiss goodbye to the future.

So, in fifty years time when the Forests are all but gone, there will be no room for Viscount Monckton’s ghost on this shattered planet; it will not be welcome there.


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