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October 12, 2007

10,000 Wildebeast dead

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 London, England

Here in the UK as a cool autumn is coming swiftly upon us, a UK judge has allowed Al Gore’s film to be shown in schools,  provided that 9 so called factual errors are highlighted. This sort of pyrrhic ruling is a complete nonsense… its just fiddling whilst our planet burns.

Its almost as if there are too many bruised egos out there, longing to bring the man down; they are small-minded folk who can’t see the wood for the trees.

10,000 wildebeast died last week; died in less than natural circumstances as vicious flood waters trapped them in their migration. To quote Time magazine:

“The Mara River was especially high this year, after the heavy rains that flooded parts of Africa, killing hundreds of people and uprooting thousands more. Climatologists are pointing to the downpours as proof that predictions that Africa will suffer the most from global warming and climate change are already coming true. The human toll is what makes all the headlines, but the consequences for Africa’s wildlife is just as drastic.” 

Al Gore is not claiming Papal infallibility, and neither should the judiciary.

But the Nobel Prize is appropriate at a time like this; when the Planet is five years away from a number of tipping points that will startle us all.


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