Reflections on the Surface

October 10, 2007

Truthful Facts

London, England


Watch out for a new IPCC report on the state of the atmosphere, which is to be published in a few weeks time.

Greenhouse Gas levels are at a far higher level than has ever been previously admitted, far exceeding the worst of the worst-case scenarios of the past few years.

And then wait for the media to tussle with this information; tussle with it like dogs with a rat; chewing it to death.

Will it make any difference?

This planet is in the grip of a Malthusian crisis and is soon to enter the era of the unpredictable.
Of course, there will be those who argue that Technology will ride to our rescue; that there are undreamed-of riches awaiting us…
but they are just around that corner.

For those  who continue to argue that the biosphere is safe in human hands,
let us hope that the Facts will inform them, truthfully;
for now, more perhaps than ever before, it is vital for a shift in human consiousness to occur: a paradigm shift that could offer true hope, without which, there will be destruction on an unimagineable scale.


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