Reflections on the Surface

August 15, 2007

The End of the Arctic

London, Endland

Take a peek at what real climate scientists are saying about the dramatic loss of ice in the Arctic this year.

Here’s a prediction:

There will be no more summer pack ice in the Arctic within 5 years and, by 2020, there will be no more ice at all throughout the year. Period.

Now, listen, watch and wait with baited breath for the climate change deniers to argue the contrary.
For there can be no doubt that they will continue to insist that nothing is changing, and that the losses we are measuring now are really nothing to be concerned about.

And here’s the rub:

There’s nothing that will stop this process.

So forget forecasts that leave such changes until 2040.

As for the rest of the century, we can only pray that humanity gets its act together, but if past experience is anything to go by, there is little reason for optimism at present.

Save for the fact that the rate of deforestation in Brazil’s has fallen by 25% last year and 1 billion tons of carbon dioxide was NOT added to the biosphere as a consequence.

And that scientists in Canada have discovered that certain mosses in the permafrost regions can, perhaps, absorb carbon dioxide more than had previously been thought.  So that when the permafrost melts, there will be some additional carbon dioxide trapping.


But the ice will long be gone.


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