Reflections on the Surface

July 24, 2007

The Rain that Never Stopped, (for a while)

London, England

Huge parts of England are flooded and public services are struggling to cope. But the stoical nature of the British is shining like a beacon from the wet.

Tomorrow, the Journal Nature is to publish an important paper on the link between rising rainfall trends and human activities.
Much of the content of the paper has been discussed ahead of time, in what is not so much as a leak, but more of a judicious sense of timing by the editors of the Times, the Independent and the BBC amongst others.
But it is staggering to see the divisive nature of the reactions to the news. Certain self-styled experts are attacking the findings already and there is a still a large swathe of climate change denialism out there in the blogosphere and in certain scientific circles.

So why are such people so incensed by the facts? Its almost as if they are stuck in the mud of their own making and are now fighting their corner like the deranged.
Centuries ago, when the first ships from the ‘West’ sailed into the waters of Tahiti and other Pacific Islands, it is said that the native islanders couldn’t see them because their brains were not able to cope with what they saw and couldn’t process the images.

Perhaps climate change deniers’ brains are wired differently and so they can’t accept the truth.

But then, as we all know, it didn’t take long for the South Sea Islanders’ brains to catch up with reality as the actualities of change were forced upon them.

So, we’ll see a furious dithering in the next few weeks as people argue their case for and against  the facts of climate change, but it will all be hot air in the end and the rain will still fall.


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