Reflections on the Surface

July 20, 2007

Desmogging the Truth

London, England

Here in England, we are today experiencing monsoon rainfall that has darkened the skies. It is a glorious sound to listen to as I sit in my office.

Imagine the ability to share water instantly like this… to share with others around the globe who need it: The parched fields of Arkansas, the stunted corn fields of America where drought is threatening the livelihoods of so many; the broadening deserts of the South West and so much more besides on this struggling planet.
It could be a sort  of ‘wireless’ water, transported in an instant to the dry.
But such sort of quantum technology is the stuff of dreams and of a future that is far to far off to help us now.

We need to grow awareness; to seek out political deviousness where it strikes deep into the hearts and minds of the corrupt; to challenge those who suavely assure us that the planet’s climate is safe in human hands.

Fifty Five years ago, London was gripped by an opaque smog, a dense low cloud of sooty foggy water vapour that reduced visibility to a few feet at best.
But within a few years the Clean Air Act was introduced which soon cleared the skies and made the smog a thing of the past.
Sadly, the key decision makers out there in the halls of power are struggling to be so decisive and, as China’s skies are darkening with pollution, it is time to reinvent the wheel.

Clear vision, clear truth, clear sight. Don’t be fooled by those out there who tell us that nothing is happening to our beautiful Earth; that its just part of a statistical blip or two.
Pay attention to the signs of change…
You’d have to be blind and deaf not to notice.


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