Reflections on the Surface

July 18, 2007

There was a time when the Earth was Flat.

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London, England

 As a huge dust storm blows across southern Arizona, we learn that the Chorabari Glacier in the Indian Himalaya has shrunk by 20% in the last 40 years. As has the Qori Kali glacier in Peru. To quote the New York Times, ‘a glacier is in effect the planet’s most sensitive organ…’ displaying signs of climate change that need to be heeded.

Of course the Flat Earth mentality of climate change deniers is a creeping disease now; a stupefying quiddity of so called scientific proof that its all not actually happening at all.

No, they are confident that such signs are nothing to be concerned about.

Well good luck to them in their complacent laboratories of proof; endlessly pouring over this paper and that paper in an effort to prove us all wrong.

But, history soon proved the Flat Earth theory a ludicrous fallacy; apart that is, for a small group of the clinically insane who still cling on to the notion in the fractured factories of their daydreams.

Listen up now; watch the signs. Be thankful for what we all take for granted,
while we can.





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