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July 16, 2007

Swimming at the North Pole

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London, England

Congratulations to David Gordon Pugh for his icy dip in Arctic waters. Diving into the waters at 02:00 BST on Sunday he swam briefly in waters that were nearly -2 degrees: enough to render most mortals unconscious within seconds. But David has been undergoing rigorous mind and body training and he was able to use the deep powers of his mind to raise his body temperature and survive.

Sadly, most key decision makers on this planet have no such powers and our fragile ecosystems are being butchered by pathetically short term decision making.
What will it take to bring about a sea change in attitudes?

For all the flatulent arguments out there in cyberspace about whether or not global warming is part man-made or not, you can be sure that the deniers out there will continue to fight their corner until the end of the Earth.

Look, lets face it. The global climate is changing and becoming more chaotic and unpredictable. Existing computer models of change are still struggling to adapt to such chaos.
Much that we had taken for granted- mountain glaciers, Arctic ice stability, bio-diversity, the availablity of clean fresh drinking water- all of these are set to change.

But will our decision makers take the plunge? Will ordinary human beings get wise to this?

No, not yet.

Thanks David for your admirable swim in such icy waters. Your courage is a light to us all.


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