Reflections on the Surface

July 13, 2007

The end of the Lesser Flamingo?

Lake Natron, a pristine ecosystem in East Africa is soon to be threatened by a company called Lake Natron Resources Limited, part of an Indian mega company called TATA.
Plans include the building of a coal fired power station, the introduction of a hybrid shrimp to change the Lake’s salinity
and of course, extraction of the Lake’s soda to make detergent.

A so called public enquiry or ‘hearing’ is just a sham, because the company will only release information that supports its case.

Once again, there is no end to corporate greed and this is a perfect example of the money grabbing short termism of much of big business.
Well, lets face it, these sort of attitudes underpin virtually all of the Capitalist corporations that dominate our planet.

You can be confident that our descendents will one day look back upon this era in humanity’s shoddy progress towards its future
as a time when key decisions could have been made that might have benefited the planet
but which were NOT made because of sheer, bloody-minded short term thinking.

I can only hope that those who sit on the board of TATA and its dreadful little offshoot called Lake Natron Resources will roast in hell for this.

The end of the Lesser Flamingo? Probably…

Meanwhile, a web site called Ponder the Maunder offers an attempt at a dramatically assured ‘unpicking’ of current global warming concerns.
The author, who by now has acheived some sort of  Webbased fame for perhaps 15 minutes, coolly takes apart just about every scientific paper on global warming she can lay hands on.
I wonder at her motives here.

To be fair, she writes in a dedicated, authoritative manner, but I wonder what she would make of TATA and its greed
as she diligently reasssures us that our planet is not going to suffer as we had thought.
Of course I wish her well in her intentions, but then, the Captain of the Titanic had very good intentions.


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