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July 6, 2007

Collapsing colony syndrome

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London, England

Honeybees in much of the US have been flying away from their colonies in search of food and not returned; some think it is due to a collapse in available food sources.
Experts predict that the bee population in the US is set to plummet and, with it, the possibilty of a catastrophic collapse in the availabilty of pollinators for fruit trees and much, much more.

Is this another signal from a struggling planet?
Nobody knows.

Perhaps it is just a temporary tragedy, but for anyone who cares, I can recommend a book called: ‘The Clock of the Long Now” by Stewart Brand. The author challenges us all to attempt to take a truly long term view
of our future on the planet.

Unfortunately,  much of this sort of thinking will be completely alien to most of us and, indeed, is it actually possible for the human brain to contemplate time scales that are thousands of years greater than our own?
At least its a challenge to those of us who care.

Meanwhile, give thanks for the humble honey bees as they struggle to survive.


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